2019 Princess Candidate 

Gabriella Gonzalez

​What does your Mexican heritage mean to you? 

My Mexican heritage means a lot to me because it is part of my identity.  My abuelita Elidia came from Michoacan, Mexico.  My abuelito Jaime came from Mexico City, Mexico.  My abuelito’s sacrificed everything they had to come to the United States for a better life.  I’m proud of my abuelito Jaime for becoming a United States citizen a few months ago.  I’m also proud of my abuelita who became a United States citizen in 2006.

I started dancing with the QCBF when I was four after attending a performance at the East Moline Mexican Independence parade.  It is an honor to follow in the footsteps of my two tio’s who were in the original QCBF that was founded by Arnulfo Camarillo.  The group has taught me about my culture and allowed me to share part of it with the community through the art of dance.  Choosing to dance with the QCBF was one of the best decisions I could have ever made in my life.

Ever since I started to dance it has always been a part of me and my heritage.  In March it was my ninth year of dancing with the QCBF.  I started dancing when I was four years old.  I love dancing with the QCBF because we perform at many places.  We even travel outside of the Quad Cities.

In the time I have been with the dance group I have performed many states in Mexico.  With every performance the crowd reacts differently and encourages me to succeed.  Performing in different communities allows people to unite and learn about my Mexican heritage.

My Mexican heritage means that we enjoy hanging out with our family.  My family supports me by attending my performances and cheering me on.  As a family we all encourage and support each other in everything we choose to do.  I am very fortunate to have such a beautiful family that make sure I am proud of my culture.