2019 Princess Candidate 

Liliana Mlekush

What does your Mexican heritage mean to you?

​My Mexican Heritage is important to me because even though I don’t know a lot, I want to learn more.  I feel that by involving myself with the Mexican community more will help me learn more about my culture and myself.  

What I love most about the Mexican culture and community is how friends turn into family.  It doesn’t matter if you are related by blood but what matters is who is there for you and who you want in your life.   My dad wasn’t always there to teach me this, but my Mom was.  My Mom taught me a lot like how to dance and I love to dance.  When she taught me how to cumbia, I was so excited to learn more so then she put me into QCBF.  This started a whole new family of friends in my life.  I started to learn more about my Mexican heritage through dance.  

I was ready to learn more so I started going to my Dad’s house and he taught me how to make tamales and then I went there every weekend to make tamales and that became our tradition.  My abuelita was there to not only teach me about food but also to teach me some Spanish!  I don’t speak fluently so it is a Spanish lesson every time I get to spend time with her.  Making tamales together is something that I treasure and will always remember.

Traditions are the things that my Mexican ancestry have given me and I am happy to learn more about them.  One way I can learn more is through my love of dance.  I love to learn about the history of each of the states of Mexico and then learn the dances of each state.  I love the music of each state because its beautiful and traditional.  It makes me proud that there are so many different parts of Mexico each with their own traditions and history.  

In conclusion, my Mexican heritage means so many things to me.  Friends that are like Family, amazing food,  the beautiful music and dance, the Spanish language and the traditions that make up this amazing culture that I am part of….and I can’t wait to learn more.