QCBF at Ballet Under the Stars

Some photos provided by Ballet Quad Cities

June 27th 2018 - After many years, the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico finally joined the very prestigious Ballet Quad Cities for an event called Ballet Under the Stars.  The event was held at the Lincoln Park Classic Theatre on June 8th – 10th for three evenings of dance which included the talents of; the DREAMS dancers, D4D Dance Academy, Imani Tandanzo dancers and BQC School of Dance students.  The event was hosted by Ballet Quad Cities which showcased a variety of dances by their School of Dance students and some company members.  The QCBF were excited to be invited by Joedy Cook, the Founder and CEO of Ballet Quad Cities after witnessing QCBF's performance at Mercado on Fifth last year.  Thanks to the assistance of Bob and Maria Ontiveros, Joedy was able to connect with QCBF's Director to align a unique performance that introduced different types of dance but yet illustrated a common theme of ballet.  The The QCBF were thrilled to be a part of Ballet Under the Stars and were pleased to share their Mexican culture.