May 24th 2018 - The Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico were invited to perform at the.... QC Dance Festival & Denkmann School

May 5th 2018 - 2018 Cinco de Mayo week was a success for the Quad Cities Ballet Folkorico....Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Week

May 12th 2018 - The Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico performed at the St. Anne Centennial Fiesta...St. Anne Centennial

May 13th 2018 - 34 years ago, there was an idea to formulate a group of dancing individuals...2018 Mothers Day

August 4th 2018 - ​​The students of the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico are eagerly preparing for the 2018 QCBF Summer Showcase, which will be held on August 11th at Schweibert Riverfront Park... Q&A with Sammie Hernandez and Kiara Burmeister

May 15th 2018 - Humans of the Quad Cities is an account on Instagram....Humans of the QC

​​June 26th 2018 - ​​The Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico were fortunate to be invited to... Grinnell College Summerfest

June 28th 2018 - ​As the end of June drew near, the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico were preparing... LULAC and Mercado on Fifth

June 27th 2018 - After many years, the Quad Cities Ballet Folklorico finally joined the very prestigious... Ballet Under the Stars